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Just Like the Arcade
Our FUNTIME Arcade Cabinets are designed to play just like you remember it as a kid. Our MultiCade Arcade Cabinets are compatible with thousands of original classic "retro" arcade games like Ms Pac-man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Street Fighter, Golden Tee Golf, Mortal Combat, etc... We offer beautiful upright arcade cabinets with a large 27" or even larger 32" display screen or sit-down cabinets (cocktail table and sit-down model with 42" bracket). We only use the very best commercial strength components, authentic arcade quality joysticks & buttons to faithfully replicate the sensation of playing the original arcade machines all over again, but this time without spending a fortune in coins. Great FUN and a center piece sure to impress your family and friends!

Software & Games
Our FUNTIME Arcade Cabinets are pre-configured with MAME and HyperSpin, seamless front-end game selection interfaces. Our HyperSpin Console Edition supports numerous other game systems & emulators and brings the total of playable games to well over 10,000. These include for example Nintendo 64, SNES, ColecoVision, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and many more.

Optional Upgrades
We also offer various optional add-ons such as our Glass Monitor Shield (replaces the standard Plexiglass Monitor Shield), Overhead Speakers with a Subwoofer, Single or Dual Light Gun Kit, Recoil Guns, Spinner Knobs, 6" Turbo Racing Wheels, etc...

Click here for our complete list of optional upgrades

Great for Rec-Rooms, Parties,  even Fundraisers
Our FUNTIME Arcade Cabineta are the ideal addition for your Rec-Room. Think of all the FUN this unit will add to your parties since everybody loves Classic Arcade Games! It will be a great center piece in your house (or business) and sure to become a conversation piece for years to come.

Custom Cabinet Artwork
We realize that not everybody wants the same design and may prefer to customize the cabinet artwork to their personal tastes. All existing artwork on our website represents fan based artwork order from previous customer, for in home use only (no commercial applications allowed). You can select FREE Artwork Panel Choices from existing customer designs or we can fully customize your cabinet with unique "one of a kind" graphics to your exact specifications (this option requires you to select our Custom Artwork Options)

Can I customize the button layout?
Yes, our controller is fully programmable. The software included with each of our arcade cabinets is pre-configured and ready use for the most common games. A tutorial on how to modify and update the controller and button configurations can be found here. If you have any additional questions our support team is ready to help.

What are the dimensions & weight of the Arcade Cabinets?
27" FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet Dimensions & Weight:
28 3/4" W x 26 1/4" D x 68" H
Weight: 175 lbs

32" FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet Dimensions & Weight:
36 1/4" W x 27 1/4" D x 70" H
Weight: 198 lbs

Can I get the arcade without the side art?
Of course, just request the "All black no artwork" option.

Can you customize my arcade?
You can customize the artwork on your cabinet by either selecting from our free pre-existing artwork designs or by creating your very own artwork. To access a complete list of upgrade options please click on the link below:

FUNTIME Arcades Upgrade Options - Google Drive Spreadsheet

If I have trouble after my purchase how do I get help?
In the unlikely event your arcade isn't working properly, call or e-mail us and one of our support techs will assist you. We never charge for tech support for as long as you own your arcade.

Can I play non-MAME games on my arcade?
Yes, you can play most arcade style games on your FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet. Some games, for example The Sims, require a mouse; the arcade's built-in trackball will function as a mouse allowing you to play these games on your arcade. With a few exceptions, any PC game that meets the system requirements should play on your arcade.

Can I customize the computer system when I order my arcade?
Yes, for an additional fee we can upgrade your computer's CPU and motherboard. However, the included PC's specs are fast enough to play most arcade games from the late 70's through mid-90's.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! If you'd like a shipping quote, just email us with your complete address as well as the style arcade you are interested in.

How long will it take to get my arcade cabinet?
We try to ship out every order within 30 to 45 days. If you need your arcade for a special event or occasion, please call us before ordering to confirm we can fulfill your request.

What if my arcade cabinet gets damaged during shipment?
Each arcade machine is shipped with 2 inch styrofoam padding. When your arcade arrives, we highly recommend that you take the time to inspect it before letting the freight forwarder leave. If you notice any damages please make a note of it on the airbill. If you can't inspect the arcade, or see any damage to the box, simply list "possible damage" on the airbill. Evert shipment is fully insured, so in the unlikely event that your arcade cabinet is damaged we will handle the claim. The customer may be required to work with the shipping company to arrange for pickup of the arcade. However, as long as you noted possible damage, we'll handle all the paperwork and send you a replacment arcade.

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What is included with a FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet?   We include...

  • 27" or 32" FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet

  • Coin Door (fully functional!)

  • UV laser-printed Laminated Artwork

  • Backlit Marquee with integrated Artwork Panel

  • Large 27" or 32" High Definition Monitor

  • Desktop PC running Windows with a 1TB or bigger HD

  • Commercial Grade Arcade Joysticks (2) & Trackball (1)

  • MAME Emulator Software (other Emulators available)

  • HyperSpin Front-end Game Selection Interface (hides Windows)

  • Optional Upgrades (if selected)

We usually ship within 30 to 45 business days

For an exact shipping quotes please contact us

For pickups, we are located in Columbus, Ohio, United States